Device Technologies, Inc.

We are presently seeking Sales Reps in the Gas & Electric utility field.
US and International Territories available.

We provide a wide variety of services

Device Technologies, Inc.

We provide a wide variety of services

Precision Machine Components Stainless Steels, Carbon Steels, Steel Alloys, Tool Steels, Aluminum, Cast Aluminum, Cast Iron and Exotic Metals Like Tungsten, Molybdenum, Cupronickel. Engineered Plastics such a Nylon, Delrin, PVC, Torlon, Phenolics.

Are you an inventor?

Device Technologies, Inc. can help you from beginning to end. From Idea Concept, to Design, to working Prototype, to Production.

Care to take a guess on how many Millionaires Device Technologies, Inc. Has helped reach their dream over the last 20+ years in business?

You would be

Company Profile

Device Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1996 by Richard & Susan Kunzelman.

Mailing and Shipping Address: Device Technologies, Inc.1211 Badger street Unit H Yorkville, IL. 60560.

Phone: 630-553-7178
Fax: 630-553-7179

Business Type: Closely held corporation. Primary Line of business:

Design, Design Assistance, Manufacturing, Manufacturing Assistance, Invention Assistance, Specialty Machines and Components.

Primary Audience: All Types of Manufacturing, Inventors, Businesses using or needing Product and or Equipment Development.

Over 24

YEARS IN business