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Meter Jumpers

Device Technologies, Inc.

Produces products for a variety of industries One of these industries is the power utility such as Comed Exellon.
One of the products produced is the Electric Meter Jumper. The Electric Meter Jumper is used by field technicians and engineers when a meter is being updated or replaced.The purpose of the Meter Jumper is to Jump around the meter being serviced before pulling the meter from the socketwith the Meter Jumper properly installed the meter can be pulled from the socket without interrupting the power to that facility.

The Meter Jumpers can be produced in any color code and desired length for single phase and three phase meter fittings.

Here are some pictures of the Meter Jumpers COMED is presently using in the field.
The “Pin Jumper” uses solid brass hex connectors

Meter fitting
Flex Cable

With Male or Female ¼-20 threads in an A-Base Type Meter fitting. The Hex pins are first installed onto existing studs or female threads. The Orange Flex Cable with Color Coded female brass receivers are slipped onto the hex pin. The Link nuts can now be loosened

Removing the copper links.

copper links

Notice that the receivers are installed on the jumper studs allowing the nuts holding the links to be loosened so the links can be removed. This type of meter fitting is an older version but still found all over.

These days most meter fittings are more modern.
Shown below the “Horn Jumper” is used to bypass the meter for servicing or updating.

Without interrupting electrical service to the facility.

Meter Jumpers | Precision Machine Components
Meter Jumpers | Precision Machine Components

The one piece split solid brass receiver of the “Horn Jumper” acts the same as an old style cloths pin with its own clamping force to make good electrical contact and stay clamped on to the meter fitting tab until its pulled off by the technician after servicing

Horn Jumper

“Horn Jumper” field installation shown in fig. 4 with meter removed from fitting.

Fig. 4
Fig. 5

The Alligator Jumper Fig. 5

The Alligator Jumper shown in a 3 phase configuration in fig. 5
With the customer desired boot color code, is able to clamp to A bolt head or nut within the meter fitting.
Available with a tethered Safety boot shown in Fig. 6 & 7.

Fig. 6

Fig. 6

Fig. 7

Fig. 7

All Meter Jumpers are built to our customer’s specificationsand are approved by the customer’s own safety personnel.
Each Meter Jumper regardless of configuration is manufactured with strict guidelines to insure product performance repeatability.
Device Technologies, Inc. can offer suggestions as to what works well with technicians in the field under a variety of different situations based on tried and true methods.

3 phase meter jumper bypass cable