Device Technologies, Inc.

We are presently seeking Sales Reps in the Gas & Electric utility field.
US and International Territories available.

Repair Services

One of Device Technologies, Inc.’s specialties is “REPAIR”

The removal of broken or frozen bolts in almost any material has been a very successful ability of ours.  Frozen bolts removal service – Broken bolt removal service. Whether it’s helping a farmer to get his crops in or out, getting a production line back up and running,welding or brazing Grandpas favorite chair, “REPAIR “helps keep the world turning.

There have been several great advances in technology that helps the ability to fix things. New Epoxies have made it easier to rejoin or fill broken or worn-out components made from virtually any material. We can solder, silver solder, braze, weld almost any metal. 

To restore the function of a broken mechanism or recondition A broken or obsolete mechanism.Before you throw it out………………..Let us FIX IT! 

Lawn Mower Deck Repair

mower repair

Typical weld repair on mower deck. Regardless of make they all break!

deck 1
deck 2
deck 3
deck 4
deck 5
deck 6